Do your legs and feet feel swollen and heavy after long-standing work?
Do you use computers intensively and feet arm and shoulder pain, or fatigue easily?
Do you feel tight and stiff in your back or shoulders, or feel drowsy and suffer from depression?
Do you have difficulty falling asleep?

Our Services Include:foot reflexology and back massage.We specialize in treating the neck, shoulders, legs, arms,hands.

  • Foot Reflexology : $35/hr
  • Ancient Oriental theory states meridian lines carry energy throughout
  • the body. Pressure is applied to specific points, and it stimulates
  • the energy of related organs and assists in restoring health.
  • Back Relaxing : $50/hr
  • This treatment relieves discomfort with many techniques in the areas
  • where stress and tension impact our bodies the most. This invigorating
  • massage is excellent for those short on time but high on tension and stress.